American River College

*Associate of Arts- Anthropology for Transfer (2018)

*Associate of Arts- Social Sciences (2018)

*Associate of Arts- English Communication and Literature (2018)

California State University, Sacramento

Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology: Culture, Language, Society (2021)

Courses Related to Position:

Language, Culture and Critical Thinking

Anthropology of Human Rights

Conflict Resolution thru Communication

History of Ethics

Ethnographic Analysis

Organizational Communication

Intercultural Communication

Cultural Diversity

Candidate Qualities:





Candidate Skills:

Oral, written and interpersonal communication

Research and policy briefing

Data collection and presentation

Why Me?

I understand the complexities of a diverse community and the interconnectedness of us all. All decisions effect someone and some more than others. As an equitable and empathetic person I will work hard to stay connected to the community, use my strong research and presentation abilities to ensure that my community is well-informed on potential policy impact. With active listening, I will effectively communicate with the community and other council members. Using negotiation and persuasion skills, I will advocate the needs of our community. I will amplify your voice.

Get to Know Your Candidate

In Fall 2005, a high risk pregnancy took me out of college and in Fall 2018, five kids and a restaurant later, I decided to finish what I started. I earned three associate degrees from American River College and transferred to CSUS in Fall of 2019 to earn a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Communication Studies. Little did I know the adventure that would follow.

I was a first generation student, setting out to show my children there is no expiration on living your dream. I took five classes the first semester and finished strong. Feeling confident, I took an online winter course and signed up for six classes in Spring of 2020. Unfortunately, my winter final was taken with a 102 fever. I was diagnosed with influenza, that turned pneumonia and as an asthmatic, I began semester two very ill. By February 25, 2020, my compromised lungs had made home to RSV and with three lung complications I was sent into a home quarantine weeks before the California lock down .

When CSUS moved online I found myself a fish out of water. I wasn't strong with computers, didn't know how to navigate online learning or do zoom presentations. I had to make up six midterms while actively doing fieldwork , collecting data for final term papers, navigating the waters of zoom elementary school for my small children, assisting weekly with food distribution to those in need, and the ever changing COVID protocols mixed with unforeseen staffing issues had me working 60+ hours a week. If it sounds like a lot, it was; but I don't give up.

Nominated by the department of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, I received a first generation achievement award. I earned the 2021 Anthropology Academic Achievement Award and was chosen as the Dean's Award Nominee for the Anthropology Department . I accepted an invitation to join The National Anthropology Honors Society and with an incredible amount of dedication, earned a Magna Cum Laude cord for my 3.885 GPA. I had every excuse to quit from life threatening illness, to distance learning for small children, to operating a restaurant during a pandemic through incredible hardships. I didn't know how I would do it, and on the surface it seemed impossible, but I am smart, strategic, not afraid to ask questions, nor too proud to seek guidance. I worked hard, used my resources, communicated with others to overcome challenges, and I excelled. I will forever be proud that I am part of Sacramento State's 2021 graduating class. Stingers Up!