Get to Know Your Candidate.

As a mother, I am committed to giving Citrus Heights a safe, sustainable future with improved quality of life for its residents. A 7-year member of Lions Club International and a 10-year resident of Citrus Heights with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Since 2008, my local restaurant, Taste of Tuscany, has been a community resource. Although I have been a resident of Citrus Heights for over ten years, my connection to this city stretches to my youth.

As I child, I enjoyed playing at Rusch Park as my father played ball. As a teen, I would shop at the sunrise mall and fill my head at Barnes and Noble. My younger siblings went to Mariposa Elementary, Louis Pasteur Middle School, and Mesa Verde High School. Two of my children have attended Skycrest elementary right here in District 5. I have been active in several service organizations in the community and through my restaurant, I have supported many charitable causes and local fundraisers.

I am an extrovert with a heart for the community who believes challenging work should be valued. As a dependable, equitable, positive person, I unite and motivate others with my enthusiasm and strong work ethic. Through my cultural anthropology and communication studies, I have gained confidence in participant observation. I am skilled in data collecting and presentation along with systems analysis, process management, negotiation, and persuasion. My love of research secures my ability to discover; I will be diligent in being thoroughly informed.

My Strengths? I am a business professional with over fifteen years of team leadership experience. I am a poised and confident orator who thrives in building and maintaining professional relationships for success. I am highly motivated and self-driven. I do not think outside the box—I believe there is no box! Our limitations are often set by our own minds, and I do not limit mine. With imagination, strategy, and determination I eagerly take on challenges. I am equipped to build solutions.

I am the mother of five and an extremely hard worker. I am smart, dedicated, and have an insanely fast learning curve. Furthermore, I have proven management and leadership qualities. I support our law enforcement, military, veterans, teachers and am a proud ally to our lgbt residents. I believe in inclusion and feel we should all have the right to peace. I have been serving the public for 14 years but only your vote will make me a public servant.

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