Hello Good Citizens of Citrus Heights.

My name is Natalee Price. Please accept this as my formal application for the position of Council Member District 5. I am the mother of five children, a restaurant owner, and an active server of my community. If you don't know me, then you may be wondering why you should choose me to fill the position. To answer this question, I have structured this webpage as my resume in hopes of earning both your confidence and your vote.

Please scroll through the pages by clicking the tabs in the top of the page. Read my stories. Get to know me and then you will know why I am right for Citrus Heights.

With gratitude,


* Address growing homelessness by empowering law enforcement and resource teams to tackle its many roots: drug addiction, mental health, and access to affordable housing.

* Improve community safety and fiscal sustainability while prioritizing low taxes.

* Promote strong businesses by strengthening current economic resources while supporting diverse new development and improving infrastructure.

Proudly Endorsed by:

Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost

Citrus Heights Vice Mayor Tim Schaefer

Citrus Heights City Council Member Bret Daniels

Former Citrus Heights Planning Commissioner Jack Duncan

Citrus Heights Sylvan Old Auburn Rd Neighborhood 10 President Dr. Jayna Karpinski-Costa

Chaplain Susan Giles

Disabled Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom I & I Army Fight Medic SSG Kristen Sketchley

American River College Professor Dr. Kristina Casper-Denman

Community Servant and Private Investigator Dusty Harrison

Taste of Tuscany Friends, Family and Staff

5 crazy kiddos supporting their mom

(If you would like to add your endorsement please send me an email, I hope to earn your support)


Contact Information:

Facebook: NataleePriceforCityCouncil

Phone: (209)-570-1231